Sermon Application Questions


Preaching: Jeff Dryden


Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. What has been your experience of the power of the Holy Spirit?

  2. What would it have been like for the early church in Acts to experience the Holy Spirit?

  3. How would their waiting have felt?

  4. Describe a time that you waited on God?

  5. How does waiting for God to act affect your prayers?

  6. How do you make decisions?

  7. How do we see the disciples and apostles make decisions in Acts?

  8. How might their example encourage and challenge us today in our decision making?

  9. The gospel went out to the nations in Acts. Who are people in you run across in the week who you don’t think have a personal relationship with Jesus?

  10. Spend time praying for God to communicate his love to those people in your life who may not know God’s love by name.