Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
The Lord Prepares a Place for His People
Exodus 23:20-33

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

1. Read the passage.
2. In your own words, what is the Lord doing in the passage?
3. In your own words, what are the people of God to do?
4. Would you say you pay close attention to God’s Word?
5. What might God have you pay attention to in His Word?
6. Describe a time you may have presumed upon God’s grace and mercy?
7. What are the dangers of presuming upon God’s mercy?
8. Write down, or note what you can do to avoid strong temptation.
9. Who is someone you could talk to that would help you avoid temptation?
10. When could you talk to that person?