Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
The Lord Overcomes Resistance

Exodus 4

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

Read the passage.
1. What was God calling Moses to do?
2. What has God challenged you to do over the years?
3. How did Moses respond to God’s call on his life?
4. Describe a time you balked at God’s leading in your life.
5. How did God respond to Moses?
6. How has God responded to your resistance to Him?
7. Where do have you had a hard time obeying, trusting, following the Lord in the last week, month, year?
8. How can you follow God fully this week?
9. Where do you see God’s grace in the passage to meet his challenges to you? Are there other passages in the Bible that take the difficult call of God to obey and make is easier?