Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
Mark 6:30-52

Who Multiplies Meals and Walks on Water?

1. Jesus got away to rest, how do you do that? [Rest looks different for different people at different times. You can’t always do it as often as you’d like, yet it is good and godly for us to find a way]

Read 6:33-34
2. Jesus is interrupted. How did he respond to interruption?
3. How have you responded to interruptions in the last week?

Read 6:35-44
4. How does the way Jesus provides for the great crowd encourage us?

Read 6:45-47
5. What is your habit of prayer? What can you learn from Jesus’ example

Read 6:48-52
6. Why do you think Jesus is doing miracles (i.e. Mark 1:15)?
7. What specifically do these miracles say about Jesus?

Read 1 John 2:6. We have read a lot about Jesus in Mark 6.
8. What is one way you can obey 1 John 2:6 in light of Mark 6:30-56 this week?