Sermon Application Questions
Preaching:Jeff Dryden
Mark 5:1-20

A Freed Man tells about the Lord’s Mercy upon Him

1. Mark tells us the people were afraid (vs. 15). What do you think they were afraid of?
2. The fear of the people led to them asking Jesus to leave. Jeff related this to Isaiah 6:5 and Luke 5:8. Have you ever experienced the holiness of God in this way? Briefly share about the most recent occurrence of this in your life.
3. Why don’t we not experience this sense of humility more often?
4. Read Acts 16:16-19. How did the owners respond to the exorcism by Paul?
5. Recall a time when you directly opposed the work of God?
6. Is there an area in your life you are not letting God have control over?
7. How do we give God control when we don’t want to? (ex. Romans 7:21-8:1)
8. Jesus’ answer to the once demon possessed man was not what he requested. Consider a time God changed your plans? When was that?
9. Jesus has a mission for you. What do you think that looks like this week?