Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
Mark 4:1-20

How do YOU receive God’s Word?

1. Read Mark 4:1-20
2. What is encouraging that the Apostles and those around had to ask what Jesus meant in Mark 4?
3. What questions have you asked God?
4. Why does Jesus teach in parables?

Jesus tells us in Matthew 15:12–15 that He speaks in parables to hide the secrets of the kingdom from some and reveal them to others (Matt. 13:12–15). This does not mean His parables are full of esoteric information that only a select few can grasp with their minds. Christ’s enemies often understand exactly what His parables mean (see 21:33–46); the problem is their refusal to trust His teaching about Himself and God’s kingdom. The difficulty the Pharisees have is moral and thus volitional, not intellectual. They choose not to believe our Savior’s words. – RC. Sproul,

5. Where does the seed go?
6. What stops the seeds from growing?
7. In the last week, what kind of soil were you, explain?
8. What kind of verses helped you respond rightly to God’s word?