Sermon Application Questions:

“What Kind of People Need a Doctor?”

Preaching:Jeff Dryden
Mark 2:13-17

1. Read the passage


2. Who was Jesus sent to, according to the passage?
3. Whom might the sinners and pharisees be like in our day?
4. Jesus associates with the sinners and has dinner with them. The pharisees have a problem with that. Read 1 Corinthians 5:11-13, 15:33, and Matthew 18:15-17. Jesus seems to be drawn to these sinful people. How do we reconcile Jesus practice and the commands of scripture to “not associate” with them or even “eat with them”?
5. What other Bible verses may help us navigate these situations?
6. How do we interact with others more like Jesus and less like a pharisee?


1. Are you more like the Pharisees or Tax collector in the story?
2. How is your spiritual condition? (Are you loving God with all our heart mind, soul, and strength? Are you loving your neighbor as yourself?)
3. How is your christian love demonstrated? (i.e. submitting yourself to God’s Word by obeying specific commands).
4. Ask those closest to you (Family/Life Group) their assessment of your spiritual condition.
5. What would Jesus say?
6. Ask God to help you see yourself as you are and grow in His grace. Our efforts are bolstered by God’s amazing grace (see Romans 8:1, Philippians 1:6, 2:12-13).