Sermon Application Questions:

“Healing and Teaching with Authority”

Pray for Grace through application of God’s word
Review the message notes
Read Mark 1:21-34

1. Read Mark 1:21-34.
2. What might Jesus’ authoritative teaching sound like today?
3. How do we align our lives around God’s authoritative word? How do we hear God and not just listen to the world’s script for our lives? (i.e. Romans 12:1-2)
4. Mark goes on to describe Jesus as casting out demons and healing. Is it hard for you to believe in the supernatural in 2013? (Why or why not?)
5. Jesus has authority over the devil and he has authority over disease. Nothing can stop this guy. How does this authority of Jesus challenge us, when for much of our culture demons are relegated to the horror films and healings to the missions field today?
6. God is our hope, help, defender, and conqueror. He has defeated Satan at the cross and the devil is a doomed angel (Revelation 20:7-10) and death will be no more (Revelation 21:4) for us who believe. What encourages you most from this teaching about Christ in Mark 1:21-28?