Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
The Authority of Jesus
John 5:18-30

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

1. Read the passage
2. Look at verse 20 and 28. What does it mean to marvel? What do you marvel at (ie. Sunsets, good food, etc). What is Jesus saying about marveling?
3. Focus on verse 23. What does it look like to honor Jesus? Jesus is talking to those who wanted to kill him (vs. 18). How would it look for them to honor Jesus? How does it look for you to honor him today?
4. What in your life declares the worth of Jesus? Or How does your life declare the worth of Jesus?
5. Read verse 24. What does it mean to “hear” Jesus’ words?
6. Whose voice do you typically listen to when making decisions?
7. How do you process through difficult decisions? How can you hear Jesus’ voice in your life during those times?

Next Week: Read John 5:30-47