This page contains Sunday School resources. Resources are organized by series and week.

Salt & Light (Leo Modica, SHCC July 2018)

Our calling as Christians is to be SALT and LIGHT in the world. What are the practical steps we can take to fulfill this calling?

Christian Apologetics (Leo & Judy Modica, SHCC June/July 2019)

Christian Apologetics equips people to defend the truths of the Christian faith, and to better understand WHAT they believe and WHY they believe it. Are you equipped to respond to people who have questions of the Christian faith?

Church History (Various Speakers, SHCC 2019)

Without an understanding of church history, we cannot fully appreciate what God has done to perfect the church of the current age.

  • Week 1   – Creeds and Councils (John Nicka)  (SLIDES)
  • Week 2   – Protestant Reformation (John Nicka) (SLIDES)
  • Week 3   – Reformed Church (John Nicka)  (SLIDES)
  • Week 4   – English Reformation (Rob Nash) (SLIDES)  (HANDOUT)
  • Week 5   – Puritans (Rob Nash) (SLIDES)  (HANDOUT)  
  • Week 6   – Church and the Changing World (Steve Mayhew)  (SLIDES)
  • Week 7   – Awakening in Colonial America (Steve Mayhew) (SLIDES)
  • Week 8   – Baptist Church History (Caleb Vander Ark) (SLIDES)
  • Week 9   – Baptists in Early America (Dave Smeltzer) (HANDOUT (SLIDES) (REFERENCE) (GENERAL)   
  • Week 10 – Christianity in Russia and Modern Persecution (Bob Todd) (VIDEO)
  • Week 11 – God’s Word Endures! (Leo & Judy Modica) (SLIDES)

Reformation Theology (Bob Dryden, SHCC Oct 2019)

What do we believe as Reformed Christian?