Preaching: Jeff Dryden

Setting a Course for the New Year

2 Peter 1:3-15

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. As you look to the new year, how might you chart the course ahead?

  2. What did your time praying and reading the Bible look like in 2017?

  3. What could it really look like 2018?

  4. How much effort did you put into your spiritual life in 2017?

  5. What might it look like in 2018?

  6. When can you take some time to be with the Lord this week to consider the new year and your spiritual life?

  7. If you took some time with God, how did it go?

  8. How might you change for the better this year by God’s grace?

  9. Pray for one another.