Jeff Dryden

Setting a Course for the New Year

Psalm 1


Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read the verses above.

  2. Where are you aiming your life? Toward God?

  3. What does it mean to be blessed? What do people think of? What does the Bible say?

  4. How are we to interact with non-Christians? (The wicked, sinners, and scoffers).

  5. What would set such a course for you? Psalmist = delighting in, meditating on God’s Word. Can you do that? Do you want to?

  6. Ideas… to get in God’s word

    1. -One year Bible, Bible reading plan.

    2. -Scripture memory

    3. -Journaling {after reading} = for me is a good way to “meditate”

    4. -With your family: reading…

    5. What other ideas do you have?

  7. Ideas… to Pray

    1. Workshop this next week

    2. 21 Days of prayer

    3. Prayer times during the week (Men’s prayer, Intercessors, and)

    4. Life Group

    5. How can you improve your prayer life in 2019?

  8. Pray for one another