Rob Nash (SHC)

Let It Be: Faith, Surrender, Praise – Luke 1:26-56

Joe Koehler (CCC)

In Mercy to His People, God Keeps His Promises – Luke 1:5-80


Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read Luke 1

  2. What is God doing in this passage?



  1. What happens to Zechariah?

  2. How does Zechariah respond?

  3. What do we focus on in life? Does it reflect your trust in God?

  4. What is our prevailing attitude in life? Does it reflect your trust in God?

  5. How do we respond to people sinning against us? Does it reflect your trust in God?

  6. How do we think and talk in general? Does it reflect our trust in God?

  7. What is your current habit of mediation and prayer like?

  8. How might they grow or sustain this week?



  1. What happens to Mary?

  2. How does Mary respond to Gabriel, Elizabeth, and God?

  3. What do you think that was like for her?

  4. How do you respond to God? (Do you trust God, surrender to God, and praise him?)

  5. How can you grow in trust, surrender, and praise?

  6. Pray for each other.

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