reading-challenge-2017Hello Church,

This last year I had the joy of challenging myself to read. Reading can be so encouraging to our souls. I kept record of what I read, when I read it, and what I thought of what I read. Let me encourage you as you look at your new year, consider reading. Maybe you only read two books, or six books, or twelve. But read. Fiction opens up our world to enter another and we can see truth, beauty, and goodness through the eyes of the author. Nonfiction broadens our world and we can travel, explore, and learn from great men and women across the seas and throughout history.

Tim Challies is a blogger out of Canada and he has posted a challenge for 2017 that has us read in categories. Let me encourage you to look it over. The challenge is not to read his books, but to read widely from categories that are helpful and unique. You don’t have to feel bad about reading even one book, the idea is to read thoughtfully. Be choosy. Anyway, may the Lord bless you as you look at your year ahead.

I have a few more days to finish Truman by David McCullough, I doubt I will make it. Happy New Year!

Pastor Rob