Peter and Cornelius

Even “Outsiders” Can Be Saved

Acts 9:32-43; 10

Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read Acts 9:32-43; 10

  2. Cornelius was a good man. What do you trust in? (Your prayers, your devotion, your generosity, or what do you trust in?)

  3. Jeff pointed out that we are ambassadors like Peter was an ambassador to Cornelius. Who has God brought into your life that you can share Christ with?

  4. Pray that you are aware of those God brings along your path to point them to God.

  5. Peter is challenged by the people God brings along his path. How has the Holy Spirit challenged you? How can you grow in your ability to discern the Spirit’s promptings?

  6. Peter valued God’s word over his traditions. What value is God’s word in your life today?

  7. Peter concludes that he can’t withhold baptism from the Gentiles because they have the Spirit. We can’t draw a distinction based on the past. Outsiders can be saved. Do you think anyone’s sinful past is too bad for God to forgive? (Why?)

  8. Pray for each other.