Converge Community Church…
…where people from many different backgrounds meet together at the Cross.

Why another church?
New Buffalo has a lot of good restaurants.  It seems there is always room for one more.  In the same way, we think there is room for another good church.  About 70% of people don’t go to a church on Sunday morning.  They aren’t atheists, they just haven’t found a church that fits.  We’re hoping we can be that place for those people.

Origins/How did it start?
Converge Community Church is a site plant from Sawyer Highlands Church.  We began hosting a summer worship gathering called Lakeview Worship, which was primarily for our weekend guests.  We weren’t intending to start a new church here.   Along the way, it became obvious that this is where God was moving.

The People
We are a church that loves Jesus, loves people, and loves our community.  We all enjoy living here, and we want to give back to our community. We realize that Christ has dramatically changed the course of our lives. We belong to Him. We simply want to share that as best we can.

That’s the nature of Grace…it’s free, it’s not earned, it’s giving. That’s how we want to live. In the process we have a lot of fun together…..we really enjoy each other.

What’s in a name?
We live in a wonderfully unique community.  New Buffalo has always had a strong local identity, and a strong Chicago presence. While different in some ways, we are the same in many.  It has been vital to the success of New Buffalo to continually find ways to work together, play together, and enjoy life together.

Converge Community Church is one more expression of that. While our backgrounds may be different, we share a common love for Jesus.  He is the point at which our paths Converge and then continue together. He is the centerpiece of our lives.  So we say, “Converge Community Church is….where people from many different backgrounds meet together at the Cross.”