Adult Books Redeeming Singleness – Barry Danylak Reckless Abandon – David Sitton Hide or Seek – John Freeman The art of Divine Contentment – Thomas Watson The Law of Rewards – Randy Alcorn Disciplines of a Godly Young Man – R. Kent Hughes and W. Carey Hughes Pierced by the Word – John Piper Prayer – Tim Keller Jonathan Edwards – A Life – George M. Marsden Icons of Evolution – Jonathan Wells Darwin’s Black Box – Michael J. Behe The heart of Anger – Lou Priolo Don’t Make Me Count to Three – Ginger Plowman Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Tedd Tripp Reference Only 1 Corinthians – David E. Garland The Letter to the Ephesians – Peter t. O’Brien Children’s Section David and Goliath – Beginners Bible Tab Book Series The Story of Christmas – Patricia A. Pingry