The purpose:

We endeavor to cooperate with believers, local churches and mission agencies to accomplish the Great Commission by taking the gospel to all peoples for the glory of God.

We are directly involved in missions in over 9 countries and indirectly in more.

We raise our finances through Faith Promise.

Over the years we have given hundreds of thousands of dollars for short-term ministry, global church planting, pastor training, and support of churches world wide. This year we have pledged or given at this time $95,954.00 of your money to support missions and outreach. That is a 8% increase year over year.

Thank you for your generous participation in giving towards missions. If you would like more information on our specific missionaries or how you can pray, contact the church office. If you would like to partner financially in our Faith Promise Missions giving, make checks out to Faith Promise or designate that in your memo.  May God get all the glory.


Spiritual Care Facilitator


The Lord has given me a passion to come alongside leaders to help them still their hearts and rediscover intimacy with Jesus.

As a missionary and church planter in the field for nearly two decades, I have seen firsthand how deeply so many men in leadership are in need of a renewed sense of purpose … a recharge of their emotional and spiritual batteries,  a time to renew “what is real” in their own hearts.  To this end, I am excited about the ministry into which the Lord has led me.

Serving as Spiritual Care Facilitator and as part of the Member Care department of TEAM, it is my desire to Refresh the Heart and Spirit of those who Lead so they can experience greater success in the place of their calling.

I invite you to click around and explore further the pages and posts on my blog! May you too be encouraged on your pilgrim journey.

A fellow pilgrim,



Jeff and Tammi Brown


Our Role In His Story

We are a family of six seeking to serve God however and wherever He leads our family. Jeff has a background in finance and administration and Tammi is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools the children. We both began working and serving in ministry at our local church and eventually received a calling to serve in the global mission field. Our first foray into missions was serving as the Field Business Administrator with Christian Missionary Fellowship in Nairobi, Kenya. We served alongside the Kenyan national church leader and worked to serve the 13 CMF families in Kenya at that time.

After two years in Kenya, God began directing us toward Haiti and we partnered with Haitian Support Ministries. HSM has a ministry work in Jacmel, Haiti, that includes five churches, an orphanage, five schools, and a number of feeding centers. Our goal is to use our God-given abilities and gifting to both assist the ministry on the ground in Haiti and also to enable HSM to communicate to supporters exactly the challenges and needs of the work being done. Due to security risks, we were forced to leave the ministry work in Haiti and have been working stateside with HSM.

We still feel that God is calling us to global ministry and we have recently partnered with ReachGlobal to serve in Latin America. ReachGlobal is praying and planning to reach 10 million people over the next 10 years through service and partnerships with local churches and church leaders throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. As we move our family, Emily (1998), Elliott (2000), Edison (2006) and Evangeline (2010) once more outside of our culture and comfort zone, we continue to rely on God’s leading and provision, and on support from our partners and friends. If you would like to know more about us, have any questions about what we are doing or would like to partner with our ministry work or Haitian Support Ministries, please email us or contact us via our Contact Page.

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To Every Tribe

David Sitton


Mission & Vision

To Every Tribe exists to extend the worship of Christ among all peoples by mobilizing the church, training disciplemakers, and sending missionary teams to plant churches among the unreached.



We believe God is sovereign over all, including the process of salvation, and strive to be God-centered.


We believe every believer is to be publically baptized immediately following conversion.



We affirm the work of spiritual transformation is the Holy Spirit’s, and humbly seek to minister in the freedom Christ has granted from all external expectations other than those specifically stated in Scripture for Christians.


We humbly commit ourselves to be a Spirit-led mission fueled by intercessory prayer.


We expect satanic resistance as we spearhead the proclamation of the gospel in territories of spiritual darkness.  We expect the Holy Spirit to use any or all of the spiritual gifts described in Scripture, and depend upon them, in order to advance the gospel.


We are convinced Jesus is worth embracing a life of sacrifice, suffering, and martyrdom in order to advance the gospel as senders and goers.


Church Planting

We seek to train obedience-oriented disciples who make other disciples in planting indigenous churches that are self-led, self-supporting, self-theologizing, and self-reproducing.

Pre-Field Training

We invest in extensive theological and missiological pre-field training of missionaries to equip them to thrive on the field and to enhance their ability to plant healthy churches.

Team Ministry

We are committed to ministry through communities of believers where individual gifts work together for the good and effectiveness of the whole, and model the body of Christ to unbelievers.



  • Gross national income per capita is US $660, about half the total for Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Americas

  • 78% of Haitians are poor (less than US $2 a day), and more than half (54%) live in extreme poverty (less than US$1 a day)

  • Over two-thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs.

  • Half of children under 5 are malnourished.

  • 80 out of 1,000 Haitian children never see their first birthday.

  • 50% of primary school age children are not enrolled in school.

  • One-third of girls over six never go to school.

  • Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade.

  • Less than 20% of schools have electricity; 39% have potable water; 15% have a library.

  • Estimated annual school costs average US$131 per child (including uniform, books/materials and transportation).

  • 37.9% of the population is unable to read or write, as compared to only 12% illiteracy in the rest of Latin America.

India Rural Evangelical Fellowship


Craig Darling IREF U.S. Director

When you choose to partner with IREF through the Child Sponsorship program and Give a Life that Matters to the young girls and boys of Andhra Pradesh -You are giving them more than just an education…You are giving them a reason to SMILE again.

India Rural Evangelical Fellowship (IREF) is an evangelical Christian development organization, dedicated to reaching the rural villages of Andhra Pradesh, South India, with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We work toward this goal by mobilizing individual Christians, planting and enabling local churches and caring for children by providing them with a Christian education. There are over 65 million people living in 30,000 villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone. 

Over 10,000 of these villages never heard the beautiful message of Jesus Christ. IREF was established over 50 years ago in India and has fund raising organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The headquarters of India Rural Evangelical Fellowship is located in Repalle, Andhra Pradesh, South India. The postal address of India Rural Evangelical Fellowship/India is:

Craig Darling IREF U.S. Director


iref gather

Contact us via E-mail – Our United States Office

India Rural Evangelical Fellowship

PO Box 65

White Lake WI 54491-0065

P:  847-220-IREF (4733)

F:  847-680-4270

Gospel Fields
17th Ward
Repalle 522 265
Guntur District
Andhra Pradesh, India.

John and Elaine Mehn


John and Elaine Mehn: Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conference [BGC]) – International Ministries, Converge Worldwide Japan Team

John and Elaine Mehn have served as BGC missionaries in Japan since 1985 with the primary ministry of cross-cultural church planting, direct evangelism and outreach, mobilization and equipping for church planting, leadership development, and spiritual renewal mentoring. (For more information on their current ministries click here.)

Since 1985 they have lived in the world’s largest city: Tokyo. Currently they live in Machida City, a large suburb of Tokyo with nearly 500,000 people (For address or contact information click here). Their home, in addition to their residence, is the operations center for the Church Planting Institute (CPI), and a renewal center for women in ministry called The Spring.

Since the triple disasters of 3.11.2011, John has served as the Disaster Response Director for the Japan Mission supervising over 10 teams to the affected areas.

John and Elaine Mehn have two children, Tim and Beth, and two grandchildren who are living in northern Illinois.

Dennis & Melody Nordine


Dennis & Melody have provided leadership at Baptist Theological College and Cebu Graduate School of Theology in Cebu, Philippines for over three decades. Dennis is currently the Dean of CGST and Melody is a librarian. Both also teach every semester training future Christian leaders. Graduates of BTC/CGST pastor churches, become church planters and foreign missionaries, teach in Christian schools and Bible Colleges and lead many Christian ministries. BTC/CGST enrolls and trains about 300 Filipinos annually. Dennis is also International Director of Bethlehem Star of Peace (BSOP) a Filipino missionary sending agency. He visits and coaches BSOP missionaries in Thailand and Cambodia as well as trains and empowers missionary candidates still in the Philippines preparing to reach the unreached peoples of the world.



bsop children

Jonathan and Christie Swift



Pastor of Christ Community Church:


Christ Community Church is what we call a gospel-driven church.It is our goal that everything we do and say would be driven by and centered around the message at the heart of the Bible called, the “Gospel.” The word Gospel means “good news” and it is a message that tells how the compassion and grace of God compelled God to rescue people from the slavery of their own self-worship and self-destruction. God did this by sending Jesus Christ to suffer a horrific but necessary death in our place. Yet Christ then rose from the dead proving his words to be genuine and authentic and showing his power over evil and death. When the proclamation of this message is believed and trusted as God’s solution to our self-destruction (via our self-worship), it has the power to transform our lives; inspiring new joy, extending grace and the ability to show grace, and instilling an unquenchable hope. Our city could use a little transformation, joy, grace, and hope.  Maybe you could too?




TNT – Launching Pastoral Training Movements Worldwide

What is Training National Trainers (TNT)?

Throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Leadership Resources equips small groups of national pastors to teach God’s Word with the heart of a shepherd. We work closely with the same group of pastors for about 2 weeks per year over 4 years, allowing deep friendships to form.

Here’s where it gets really exciting and strategic – these pastors multiply the training by equipping fellow pastors and church leaders in their own country.

So TNT achieves depth – through an ongoing mentoring strategy and breadth – through a “large numbers” multiplication strategy. TNT goes both deep and wide. It’s the Apostle Paul’s strategy spelled out in 2 Timothy 2:2 and playing out in the 21st century.

Two ministry essentials

TNT focuses on…

How to Preach: Expanding their knowledge and developing their skills to more effectively study, teach and preach God’s Word. We emphasize the basics of Bible interpretation (hermeneutics) and the importance of faithful Biblical exposition.

How to Pastor: Embracing a biblical model of ministry that centers on the heart of God and includes concepts such as servant leadership, humility and vulnerability, multiplication of other leaders, and the New Covenant ministry.

TNT at a glance

  • Mentoring a single group of 10-20 pastors

  • Time commitment of 4 years

  • Two trainings per year, each about one week long

  • Highly relational training —lots of q&a, discussion, and feedback

  • Immersion in books of the Bible (see a sample of our curriculum on Jonah)

  • Layering process of teaching, interaction, and practice

  • On-going mentoring relationship between our team and the TNTers

  • Immediate application of training principles

  • Multiplication of the training into the lives of a 2nd generation of pastors and church leaders (who often go on to train a 3rd generation)

  • On-going accountability and feedback

Ronnie and Karianne Silva

Preparing to return to Trujillo, Peru as missionaries


We serve with Pioneers in Trujillo, Peru.  We are doing church planting, working with a church in Trujillo that was planted by Bert Elliot (Jim Elliot’s brother).  The idea on how we reach unreached peoples in a city setting, is to plant smaller churches within a particular ethnic neighborhood, raise strong believers there, and then they bring the Gospel back to their villages and tribes.  Our church down there has a seminary program that it runs to help grow believers.  Since neither of us have the biblical, university background, Ronny and my roles are more of a primary discipleship level.  Ronny’s main ministry is street evangelism.  Almost every day, he walks the streets of Trujillo, meeting people wherever they are, and talking to them about God.  He invites them back to church, bible studies, and even to the soccer ministry (that includes a devotional time). Some other of our roles include a drug rehab ministry, soccer ministry, one-on-one discipleships, English classes, orphan counseling, and bible studies.

Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Romanian Missions

Pastor Ioan Simon


Known for his gentleness, Ioan Simon is the pastor of Biserica Stanca in Cisnadie, Romania. Compassion and patience define his general disposition. Currently, he lives with his wife and two of his three sons near the edge of the town. As a believer during the communist control, the Lord used many experiences to prepare and shape Ioan for his ministry today including six years of underground theological training. As a university athlete, later as a medical assistant in hospitals, and now as a pastor, he has had many areas of opportunity to share the gospel. His love for the church is evident, as shown this year in the merging of two different congregations into one unified body. As a kind shepherd who feeds and disciples his sheep, his passion to have Christ known extends cross cultural boundaries. He has consistently cared and mentored other pastors and leaders which opened opportunities for more long term sister relationships with other churches. Pastor Ioan has invited our churches to share with them in future short term ministry opportunities.

Pastor Vasile Felseghi


God began opening Vasile’s eyes to conversion in his mid 20’s. Vasile has a very friendly and gracious attitude towards people and his gifts have been developed mainly in administrative areas of pastoring and teaching teams in Biserica Stanca (Sibiu Location). The people of the city know him as a pastor who is in the homes and with the people. Currently, he and his wife Maria and daughter, have moved to the outskirts of Sibiu, to reach people and partner with churches in smaller surrounding villages.

Trainers with Training Leaders International (TLI)


God has blessed Bob Klint with opportunities twice this year, to travel with Training Leaders International, a ministry of mentoring and teaching pastors and leaders in biblical theology and preaching. Pray for a future opportunity that is being developed for a training series in Sibiu. We have commitments from many church pastors and an invitation from the King of the gypsies  (Romani) to mentor 100 of his pastors throughout Transylvania. Pastor Ioan Simon has applied to be the “host pastor” in organizing responsibilities. Our mission fund will sponsor two sessions into next year. We will need from Sawyer several volunteer teachers three times a year for three years to complete the series.


Center Lake Bible Camp

Center Lake Bible Camp aims to present the life changing message of Jesus Christ to campers that are in search of a relationship with Jesus Christ and to encourage and strengthen believers in their relationship with Christ

SHC Vision Ministry,

Money goes to support some of our people financially to plant churches nationally or internationally. (i.e. Romania, Troy Gentz, Converge.)

Converge Leadership Fund

This goes to help the conference of churches world wide. We’re a movement of churches working together to start and strengthen more churches. Our mission is to multiply transformational churches and we do that using these key ministry strategies: grow spiritually, plant churches, mobilize churches, develop leaders, show compassion, reach nations, and live generously.

Converge Midamerica Church Planting

This money goes to support church planting in the five areas of Midamerica (City of Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri.)

Church Vitality

To help strengthen existing churches in our conference through coaching and training.

West Michigan Church Planting Network

Our funds support church plants in this specific region of our state within our conference.