Mike Bettig (CCC)

Hunters, Sluggards, and the Wicked Men

Jeff Dryden (SHC)

Wise Counsel for Day to Day Life


Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read Proverbs 6:1–19

  2. Is there a place in your life that you hastily make pledges, promises, or extend resources where you should be more reserved? How can you be more disciplined in your finances?

  3. Solomon encouraged the work ethic of the ant. The ant is industrious and works for the community. What can you learn about the disciplined life of the ant?

  4. The passage ends with encouragement to not sow discord. The sins seem to be against the community. Pastor Jeff encouraged repentance in the end. Is there an area of your life that God brings to mind from this passage that you can work on this week? How might you do that?

  5. Pastor Mike brought up being aware of the wicked to avoid them. Are there influences in your life that you need to avoid?

  6. Pastor Jeff asked the question: How are you feeding your soul? And talked about memorizing scripture. Perhaps, that is one way to fight the sin Proverbs 6 talks about. How are you feeding your soul?