TM4L (Training Men for Life) a workshop

Join us throughout the year to learn about spiritual practices.

In October we explored Gratitude. On November 11th at 7 AM @ Sawyer we are looking at the practice of Unplugging, on December 2nd we will explore Conversation Prayer, on January 6 we will explore Slowing Down, February 3rd we will talk about Sabbath, March 9-1th we will have our men’s retreat taking a look at Spiritual Friendship, and in April 7th we will talk about Journaling, and finally in May we will cover Meditation (Memorization). 

Tuesday & Friday Morning Men’s Prayer.

Every Tuesday, men gather at 7 am at Sawyer to pray. All ages are welcome.

Every Friday, men gather at 8 am at Converge to pray. All ages are welcome. 


For Questions and Further Information, Contact:

The Church Office


13100 Red Arrow Highway,

Sawyer, MI 49125