Sermon Application Questions
Questions for Personal Reflection and Life Group Discussion

1. In what ways are you susceptible to the busyness mentality of our age?

2. How has the “more is better” mentality shaped you? In your schedule? Or With acquiring things?

3. How much of your identity is wrapped up in what you do? Responsibility? What you own? What you post on social media?

4a. When have you downsized? With your schedule? With your stuff? What was it like for you?

4b. Is there a way in your life right now, that the Lord would have you clear out something in order to make room for Him? What might that be?

5. Where have you complicated your life with God? Consider what actually brings you into the presence of Christ. Spend some time there.

Intro Question for LG:  Why do you think Luke places this account of Martha, Jesus, and Mary right after the parable of the Good Samaritan?

*some questions adapted from Spiritual Disciplines HandbookPractices That Transform Us” by Adele Calhoun p. 76.