Sermon Application Questions

“The Audience”

-Pray for Grace through application of God’s word.

-Review the message notes.

1. Read Psalm Luke 15:1-10

2. Who was Jesus talking to?

3. How do they respond to Jesus?

4. How have you seen or heard people respond to Jesus in our community?

5. According to the message: What keeps a person from becoming a pharisee?

6. When you see a “sinner” repenting or moving towards God (i.e. reading their Bible, singing a worship song, praying, going to church), is your response one of rejoicing or one of wait and see or even grumbling?

7. Jeff made the statement, “Jesus receives those who have been previously irreligious.” Maybe that is you. As Jesus came to earth, this season maybe you are drawing near to God. Jesus is seeking, looking for, waiting for the “Lost”.  That is good news. How can you draw near to God this holiday season?