“A God Who Rescues His Enemies”

-Pray for Grace through application of God’s word.

-Review the message notes.

1.  In Jonah 3 what is God asking Jonah to do (Jonah 3:2)?

2.  How does Jonah respond (Jonah 3:3 vs. Jonah 1:3)?

3.  Jonah knows the right thing to do, but struggles doing it. His obedience seems half hearted, reluctant. In what ways can you be reluctant in following the Lord? (i.e. maybe you are reluctant to ask forgiveness for hurtful words.)

4.  God is shockingly merciful and mighty. What was the result of Jonah’s reluctant obedience?

5.  How can we obey God when we we don’t want to?

6.  Read Psalm 86:8-11, what did the psalmist do?