Jeff Dryden (CCC)

I Want to Learn to Pray – Matthew 6:1-15

Mike Bettig(SHC)

A Personal Prayer of Longing, Satisfaction, and Praise – Psalm 63


Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes


  1. Read Matthew 6:1–15

  2. Why do we pray?

  3. Why does God want us to pray?

  4. If we understood more fully God’s love for us, how would that change us?

  5. Do I really want God’s will to be done? What hinders me from wanting God’s will?

  6. Read Ephesians 4:32–5:2. How is your heart towards those who have sinned against you?

  7. Is there someone you need to reach out to?



  1. Read Psalm 63

  2. What do you long for?

  3. How is your thirst for God these days?

  4. Why does the psalmist thirst for God?

  5. What is his focus on prayer?

  6. Take some time to emulate this prayer. Pray like the psalmist in your own words.