Sermon Application Questions


Preaching: Jeff Dryden

How God Saved us and Why it Matters in Our Daily Life

Romans 4-6

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Consider memorizing Romans 1:16-17 this week.

  2. What does Justification mean?

  3. How does knowing our Justification helps us?

  4. How does how do we deal with present day temptation and sin?

  5. How does 6:1-11 encourage us to fight vs. sin? (Be practical: 6:12-14,19 Think about your speech. How would “presenting” to God look in everyday life?)

  6. What aspects of God’s grace, and Sovereign working to secure our salvation do you appreciate more?

  7. Think about the concept of being “COUNTED RIGHTEOUS.” How does that impact your relationship with the Lord? (How do you experience God’s love in this?)

  8. Meditate on Romans 5:8 and the surrounding verses. How do you experience God’s love in that?

  9. What’s a favorite verse for you in this passage? Can you identify a/some verse that would be good for you to think about more or memorize?

  10. How does Jesus’ resurrection give us confidence that we have truly “died to sin” and can “live to Him”?

  11. Pray for one another