Grace, Encouragement, and Faith at the Apostles’ Feet (SHC – Rob Nash)

A Call for Unity, Generosity, and Holiness (CCC – Mike Bettig)

Acts 4:32-5:11

Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read the text.

  2. The early church was unified. How do you think that looked? (Acts 2:42-47, Philippians 2:1-6). How does our church look today day?

  3. How do you see our church like the church in Acts? (i.e., unity, grace, generosity, and encouragement).

  4. One of the reasons the church was doing so well was because of the grace at work in and through people like Barnabas. Barnabas was an encourager. Would people describe you as an encourager? How can you grow at being an encourager?

  5. Compare and contrast Barnabas and Ananias and Sapharia in your own words.

  6. Whom do you relate to and why?

  7. How do you think their sin impact the whole community?

  8. Are there secret sins you need to confess to God? Do you need to make right with someone? Take some time to pray about that.

  9. Pray for each other