Sermon Application Questions
Preaching: Jeff Dryden
Building a Place to Meet With God
Exodus 25-31

Pray for grace through application of God’s word

Review the message notes

1. Jeff broke the passage into three sections. 1. Preparation for building. (25:1-9), 2. Instructions for Furniture and Articles of the Tabernacle (25:10-31:11), 3. Day of Worship (31:12-18). Review your notes. What stood out to you about these chapters?
2. In preparation for worship, what do you do? How can you improve in your preparation to meeting with God during the day or week? (ie. get things ready the day before church so you don’t have to stress about them, get plenty of sleep the night before church so you are alert for church, when planning on reading the bible during the day find a time that you are most alert, when planning on praying seek to eliminate distractions).
3. In reading about the specific instructions for worship the details can get burdensome. But in the details we see God’s holiness. Jeff stressed that we follow God’s commands as He gives them. We don’t make changes to God’s plan. Where have you wanted to make changes to God’s plans? What tempts you to cut corners?
4. Jeff’s final point and Exodus 31 ends talking about the day of worship. He asked ourselves these questions:
a. Does my life reflect the priority of a day of worship found in Exodus 31?
b. Do I regularly join the church to meet with God?
c. How do I say “no” to our culture, which clearly won’t reflect this priority?
d. How do I make Sunday a place/time to meet with God?

Pray for each other (In Life Groups)