Acts 21_1-36 (Notes)

Acts 21

Pray for grace through the application of God’s word

Review the message notes

  1. Read Acts 21

  2. How do the disciples receive Paul in the chapter? How do we treat each other? Do we have a deep love and affection for one another? How can we grow towards that?

  3. Read Romans 1:8-15 what is Paul’s heart? Is he open or closed to God having his way in his life? Describe how open you are to following God? What has God called you to be? How do you live that out?

  4. How do you listen to the Holy Spirit in your life?

  5. What has that looked like for you?

  6. How did following God work out for Paul? How do you deal with the difficulties God ordains for your life?

  7. Pray for each other.